Welcome to MentorMatched

MentorMatched Inc (“MentorMatched” “We” “Us” “Our”) provides services throughout it’s website MentorMatched.ca and other online locations. Please read this document carefully as they are the rules and regulations of our site.

Modifications to the Terms

MentorMatched reserves the right to make modifications to the terms at any point. If we do we will post the changes and date of changes on the first page to make it clear what changes have been placed into effect. We will also contact you in a reasonable manner required by law to notify you of the changes taking effect


Please see our privacy policy

Modifications of service

MentorMatched can change or cancel the service at any time

Storing of information

Services provided by MentorMatched are for singular use only. You may not share your account or services with anyone else. If you share accounts or pirate video you may be subject to breaking our intellectual property rights and can be punished by law. Additionally you might lose access to our services.

Registration is a requirement on our platform to use our services. If you are under the age of 13 you are not authorized to use the service. If you are under 18 you must have a parent or guardian approve of the content.

Money Back

If you are unhappy with our services due to it not being what you thought, you can request a refund within the first 48 hours after purchasing. Requests for this can be submitted to info@mentormatched.ca

Member account, password, and security

You may never use another user’s account. If you do, yourself and the other account can be banned for life. Additionally you can infringe upon our intellectual property rights.

Conditions of use

You are responsible for all forms of content you post. Offending content can result in being removed from the platform. Taking of any intellectual property can result in losing access to the site. Harvest information can result in losing access to the site. Advertising of our service without permission can result in losing access to the site.


When you purchase any of our services, MentorMatched does not store your financial information. However, MentorMatched uses a third party source to process transactions and are not liable for these transactions.

Intellectual property rights

All video content published by MentorMatched is property of MentorMatched. MentorMatched outsources some audio requirements to third party sources. These sources are credited. Any stealing or misuse of our content or third party content is considered stealing our intellectual property and can be punishable by loss of your account among other legal scenarios.


MentorMatched respects copyright. If you think we have copied or are too close to another individual or groups content please let us know and we can adjust.


MentorMatched is not responsible for any damages from it’s services teachings. Any personal damages, physical damages, expenses, and attorney fees are not the fault of MentorMatched. This includes death.

Questions or concerns?

Contact us at info@mentormatched.ca