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The following FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions with Answers) address many of the common questions about our services.

MentorMatched is an interactive online platform designed to help emerging athletes to learn from high performance athletes and coach mentors. We work with high achieving athletes and successful coaches across a variety of sports disciplines. MentorMatched’s standards ensure you will learn from among the very best. Our platform is focused on interaction. MentorMatched students have the opportunity to connect with and receive feedback from our entire community. MentorMatched strives to provide emerging athletes every opportunity to learn from the greatest in their respective sport and to connect with other athletes at their level.

All classes are shot and edited by top quality film equipment. The high quality production provides an outstanding opportunity to view instruction and demonstration of key techniques from our Mentors. Downloadable content is available for your continued reference.

MentorMatched gives students the opportunity to learn from athletic mentors within a immersive online platform. You can share your course progress via text, photo, and video. This allows athletes a valuable opportunity to interact with both mentors and other students. Ask questions, share experiences, gain further knowledge for increased performance via MentorMatched.

Each course has 1-2 hours of video content. Downloadable content is available with each course. Additionally, MentorMatched provides you the opportunity to become part of the course community within the LearnFeed where you can interact with both fellow students and possibly your mentor.

MentorMatched provides you with the an opportunity to become part of the course community with LearnFeed. In the LearnFeed you can interact with fellow students and in some cases our course instructors.

You have access to each course indefinitely. Once you complete your course we encourage you to stay interactive on the LearnFeed to build your network of mentors and athletic peers.

Courses will be available at our launch expected late summer 2018.

We are currently developing our mobile app. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on it’s development! Follow us on Instagram: @mentormatched

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