David Marsh - Swimming

by David Marsh

Renowned USA Olympic swim coach David Marsh of Team Elite provides course takers with detailed information on how to advance their swimming skills. Broken down into 8 different segments, this course covers all the components that swimmers need to reach the next level. Coach Marsh's course features multiple Team Elite Aquatics members such as world record holder and Olympic gold medallist Kathleen Baker, and 2017 world championship swimmer Sarah Gibson.

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Lauren Reynolds - BMX

by Lauren Reynolds

BMX Olympian Lauren Reynolds breaks down the fundamentals of BMX racing in this detailed course. In 6 segments Lauren showcases proper technique and important drills along with other key aspects needed to take your skills to the elite level.

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Brianne Jenner - Hockey

by Brianne Jenner

Brianne Jenner, Olympic gold medalist and member of the Canadian women’s national hockey team, provides course takers with the opportunity to learn the tricks and tips that allowed her to get to the level that she is at today. Each segment showcases a progression of drills to master the skill being taught.

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